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Top 5 Wiley songs

To celebrate the man himself being awarded an MBE in this year’s New Year’s Honours List here is my pick of his five best songs after a long break away from the blog!



  1. Heatwave feat. Ms D

A controversial choice. Some might have had this song higher and some might not have included it at all as it is not the kind of genre the man himself is most famous for – Grime.  However, as much as this song splits opinion in terms of his grime output, it’s guaranteed to get everyone going whether you are watching him at Parklife Festival or it comes on in the gym. It is sure to get you in the mood for summer.

  1. Name Brand feat. JME Frisco & J2K

One of the tracks taken from his most recent album Godfather, this song definitely appeals to the long standing Grime fans who prefer to listen to this over Stormzy’s most recent collaboration (Not dissing his music, but some of his more recent singles could arguably be described as more pop than grime).

  1. I Call the Shots feat. JME

 The first song to be taken from his upcoming Godfather II album, an unexpected release after he seemingly confirmed that Godfather would be his last, nevertheless fans are not complaining especially after he announced his upcoming tour of Britain in February!

  1. Too Many Men with Boy Better Know

 One of Wiley’s most classic songs with its fast tempo and repetitive lyrics from his early days. Boy Better Know was a clan of grime artists from the early 2000s whose music was often played on pirate radio stations.  The collective featured a few artists went on to become big names within the UK music scene including Skepta, JME and Solo 45.

  1. Wearing My Rolex

Without a doubt the man’s best song (at least in my opinion) because it’s an absolute classic and definitely earns its place on your Throwback Thursday playlists. This track is one of Wiley’s most commercially notable songs and just missed out on the top spot in 2008 thanks to Madonna and JT’s 4 minutes!

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed the post or even made it to the bottom! Feel free to comment at the bottom what your favourite Wiley songs are, do you agree with my choices?