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A Dandy Discovery!

It’s funny the random treasures you can unearth while you’re sitting around your front room with your friends!

A few weeks ago I was reintroduced to a massive Indie Rock classic from the early 2000s  – ‘Bohemian Like You’ by the Dandy Warhols.

A tune or rhythm may not immediately spring to mind, but if you haven’t heard this tune then you probably weren’t around in its heyday.

After hearing a few more of their songs they definitely seemed like a band worth writing about for this blog.

Here is a countdown of my top five Dandy Warhols songs.

  1. Sleep

With its melancholy and softly sung lyrics ‘Sleep’ is definitely a song that could help you drift off, but not for the wrong reasons. This song should have definitely achieved more recognition than merely an album track. As this was not released as a single there is only a lyric video for ‘Sleep’.

  1. Get Off

Regarded by many as one of the band’s most underrated hits ‘Get Off’ was re-released in 2002 and has featured in several advertising campaigns which helped it to crack the UK top 40 for a second time.

  1. We Used To Be Friends

One of the Dandy Warhol’s better known songs this song has featured as the FIFA 2004 soundtrack and the theme tune to the American drama ‘Veronica Mars’. With critical acclaim from NME magazine the song charted inside the UK top 20.

  1. The Last High

This song rates high on the list as in Peter Holmström’s, the band’s guitarist, opinion it is: the best song we’ve ever done.” In a similar style to ‘Sleep’ the song features rather thought provoking lyrics.

  1. Bohemian Like You

You were probably expecting this! It is the reason for writing this blog post in the first place! This song came to many people’s attention after featuring in a 2001 Vodafone advert and is also known for its controversial music video which is not broadcast during the day.  The Independent recently described the song as “a defining song of the last decade”.

If I never persuaded you to watch it the first time here it is again!


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