Lukas Graham hit Glasgow – but do you remember them?

Cast your mind back to last year when the number 1 hit “7 years” was all over the airwaves. One year on and the masterminds behind the hit, Lukas Graham, are on tour showcasing their underrated second studio album.

The band were in Glasgow on the 28th February at the O2 Academy for the Scottish leg of their tour supported by the up and coming Australian singer/songwriter Hein Cooper.

After kicking off the show with “Take the World By Storm” they got the audience riled up with upbeat numbers such as “Drunk In The Morning” and “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout Me”.

However, the crowd were also introduced to some of their newer material which did go down well, but killed off the atmosphere slightly as next to nobody could sing along. Fortunately this never lasted long when one of their more well-known songs “Mama Said” came on followed not long after by the famous “7 Years”.

Overall, a very enjoyable gig for a dedicated Lukas Graham fan, but at the same time it offered a different slant on the band to what has been featured in the charts.

Most people reading this will probably not be able to name any Lukas Graham song apart from the above mentioned. Here you can check out some of my favourite songs from their second album simply titled “Lukas Graham”.


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